This website has been created for the course “The History and Theory of Genocide” at Michigan State University. (HST 455 – 002) The course examines the subject of genocide in different times and places, and from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is taught by Dr. Ronen Steinberg from the Department of History.

The main purpose of the website is to showcase the final papers written by students. The papers are part of a collaborative project titled “Imaging Genocide,” which investigates the visual archive of mass killing and ethnic cleansing through the ages. This public display of research carried out by students is based on the premise that new knowledge is not produced in isolation, but rather in interaction with others, as part of an ongoing conversation. You are welcome to explore the site and to leave comments. The only condition is that your comments respect the norms of a civil and polite exchange. Genocide is a delicate subject that arouses many difficult emotions, but we will only advance in our understanding of it if we maintain a basic sense of respect for each other.


For more information, or to simply get in touch, contact LEADR with the following link http://leadr.msu.edu/ or email: leadr@msu.edu