The Forgotten Voices: The Roma and Sinti Peoples of the Holocaust


Normally, when one recalls the massacre known to be The Holocaust, the mass killing of the Jews is what commonly comes to mind. Everyone knows their story by now, everyone knows the faces, the cruelty, the story about their stars and burning of their churches, but what about the other 500,000 people whom memory seems to rest in the dust? in other words, the mass destruction of the Jews is one of the most famous events in modern history. Fewer people know the story of the Romani people who were also among the victims of the Nazi genocide.It is from this lack of knowledge that I have chosen to study the Romani (commonly called Gypsy) people and perhaps give a voice to these silent stories and the journeys they embarked upon during the horrific years of the Nazi regime. Growing up in The American Education System, I was never taught about these people, very few of my classes even acknowledged their existence.This quote displays what drove me to choose this people group for my project, “Their case should be defended, not out of pity, but because they are human beings who should be equal to everyone else, and because they have the same inalienable rights as the rest of us.”  Through my project, I hope to advance the knowledge of these peoples and bring them some of the memory and attention they deserve. I know I am not the first to write about these people, but as I knew little of them, I am aiming to shed some light to others of their existence and stories.

-The coined term as Gypsy is sometimes considered politically incorrect and by others considered correct, so as I display my research, I will be using this term as a historical reference, not as a negative term to describe these tribes of people.