Dekulakization: Intro



The purpose of this paper is to venture further into who and what the “kulak” class was as well as the unfolding terrors of the period from 1930-1933 known as Holodomor in Ukraine (or Terror Famine in many of today’s texts). I will attempt to understand the precursor events earlier in the 1910’s relating to the “kulaks”, a brief Leninist and Stalinist view of the “kulaks”, what it meant to be a “kulak” and their slow elimination. I will also dissect the logistics of the famine itself as it pertains to the Ukraine (Russia and other countries effected are noted, but my primary quantitative research concentrates on Ukraine). The “kulak” class were hated, targeted and eliminated which bring up the huge question of “why”, which is crucial in the understanding of the genocide as a whole. This is what I intend to achieve.